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What does the handicap 1-1.5 mean? Important information about the 1.25 handicap

Understanding the handicap 1-1.5 will help you make accurate best home teams to win today and aim for huge rewards. For those who are new to this type of betting, there may still be some confusion. Therefore, in the following article, Wintips will share details about this type of bet along with strategies to help you win big rewards.

What does the handicap 1-1.5 mean?

The handicap 1-1.5, also known as the 1 1/4 or 1.25 handicap, is a popular form of betting in the gambling world today. Simply put, the team that is considered stronger will have to give the opponent a 1.25 goal advantage. Bookmakers will set the handicap odds based on the difference in abilities between the two teams, with the stronger team giving points to the weaker one.

In this handicap, the stronger team gives away a certain number of goals, creating a balance when there is a relative strength difference between the two teams. This handicap is typically applied within the official 90 minutes of the match and does not include extra time. It is a handicap with clear differences, so you need to understand the meaning of the 1-1.5 handicap and how to interpret the odds accurately.

Guide for beginners on how to understand the handicap 1-1.5?

What does the 1-1.5 handicap mean" is information that many people are interested in nowadays. Below is a guide to accurately interpreting the odds. Check it out now:

How to interpret the odds

In this 1.25 handicap, the favorite team will give a certain odds to the underdog team, following the levels below:

If at the end of the match, the favorite team wins by at least 2 goals difference: Choosing the favorite team will win the full amount of money, but if you choose the underdog team, you will lose all the invested money.

If the favorite team only wins by a single goal difference, choosing the favorite team will result in losing half the money, while choosing the weaker team will win half the bet amount.

If the favorite team loses or draws with the underdog team: Choosing the underdog team will result in winning the bet amount, while choosing the favorite team will result in losing all the initially placed bet money.

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Illustrative example

If you're a beginner, you might still be confused about what the 1-1.5 handicap means, so Wintips will provide an illustrative example to help you better understand this type of bet. For instance, in an Asian tournament group stage match between the UAE and Thailand, where the odds for the UAE (favorite) are 0.88 and for Thailand (underdog) are 0.90, if you bet 100k, the following scenarios could occur:

  • UAE wins by at least 2 goals difference: Betting on Thailand will earn you a reward of 0.88 x 100k = 88k, while choosing UAE will result in losing the entire 100k bet amount.

  • Thailand unexpectedly wins or draws the match against UAE: Betting on UAE will result in losing the entire 100k initial investment, while choosing Thailand will earn you a reward of 0.90 x 100k = 90k.

  • UAE wins by exactly 1 goal difference: Betting on UAE will result in losing 50k of the bet amount, while choosing Thailand will earn you 0.90 x 100k x 1/2 = 45k as the winning amount.

Summarizing the experience of playing the 1 1/4 handicap undefeated

Once you understand what the 1-1.5 handicap entails, to ensure you grasp the winning edge, here are some valuable tips to keep in mind:

Carefully consider choosing the odds

You need to understand the important handicap odds to make the most accurate considerations. Analyze the match trends, consider which team is most likely to win. You need to come up with the best strategy when placing your bets.

Gather information

The strength of both teams, starting lineups, league standings, head-to-head history, form in the last 5 matches, and key players are all decisive factors in determining the outcome of a match. Bookmakers also rely on this information to set the 1-1.5 handicap odds, but it's important to be aware of traps that may arise from inaccurate squad information.

Consult expert opinions

There are many best football predictions app websites that regularly provide information on outcomes, and understanding the opinions of experienced individuals can help you make informed considerations. However, it's important to choose reliable sources of information, as there are many untrustworthy betting sites that may release misleading information to lure players.

You should also proactively develop your own effective methods, without overly relying on various sources of information. Additionally, it's advisable not to engage in too many matches in a single day, as it can be distracting and lead to loss of focus.


win betting tips has revealed to help you understand more clearly what the 1-1.5 handicap means so you can confidently participate in betting. Don't forget to learn more sports strategies and play standard bets to win the biggest rewards.

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